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Today, we want to begin this journey by sharing a bit about the place that is a true landmark for events, the …

São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and an influential hub in Latin America, is a global epicenter of events, tourism, and hospitality. With world-class infrastructure and a variety of events, the city attracts millions of tourists annually, driving both the local economy and Brazil's international projection.


Itamar Prada

In the current scenario, digital interaction is the alternative route, and the challenge in this new scenario is to capture the attention of the target audience due to the high number of digital events. The WTC Events Center offers a very good structure for the realization of online and hybrid events with high impact.

juan pablo de vera

When we organize international events in the city of São Paulo, the WTC has been a very reliable choice. Its quality, flexibility, and professionalism of the staff help us ensure that our clients will succeed when participating in their events.

wagner ferreira

The location of the WTC is fantastic (...) the place is fully air-conditioned, so you won't suffer any discomfort. (...) Very important for corporate events is the support of the hotel (Sheraton), annexed to the event pavilion. (...) I couldn't help but give my testimony as a fan of this complex, the WTC.