São Paulo

When it comes to organizing an event, the choice of venue plays a crucial role in shaping participants’ experience and the success of the event. Among several options across Brazilian territory, São Paulo stands out as a prime choice, offering a range of benefits and advantages that make it a sure bet for events seeking reach, visibility, and logistical excellence.

As the largest city in Brazil, São Paulo is an epicenter of opportunities, culture, and diversity that attracts attention from around the world. Amidst its imposing urban landscapes and rich culture, São Paulo becomes a privileged destination for events of all sizes.



the largest city in Brazil
São Paulo boasts a robust infrastructure, including a wide range of hotels, transportation, and other facilities that are crucial for accommodating everything from small events and business meetings to large-scale events. Its infrastructure ensures high-standard services for all your needs.


Diversity in Transportation
São Paulo has a well-developed transportation network, including one of the largest airports in the country, Guarulhos International Airport, and Congonhas Airport, which offer domestic and international flights. Additionally, the city is served by an extensive road and railway network, facilitating access for participants from other cities, states, and even countries.


Brand exposure
As one of the main cities in Brazil, São Paulo provides a platform with significant visibility for events. The city is an economic, cultural, and media hub, attracting the attention of companies, organizations, media, and influencers. This can result in broader press coverage and networking opportunities for participants.

Target Audience

Broad and Diversified
Due to its numerous and multicultural population, São Paulo attracts a plurality of people. Events targeting open audiences have the opportunity to attract a wide range of participants, representing different sectors of society, cultures, and interests.

Located in one of the most dynamic and accessible areas of São Paulo, the WTC Events Center offers not only a central location but also the prestige of being in an internationally recognized complex. With easy access to airports, hotels, and points of interest, the WTC provides convenience and accessibility for participants from all corners of the world.